Watch an Imperial Assault Team Storm the Old Republic Equivalent of the Death Star

Would-be Jedi and bounty hunters will finally be getting the chance to jump into the beta of the long-brewing Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. The clip above highlights the kinds of massive conflicts that you'll find your TOR avatar embroiled in. Force powers, blasters, giant robots and jetpacks… good ingredients for a tasty action stew. We'll see how good they taste once The Old Republic beta goes live.


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See now that the NDA is lifted we can skip the marketing bologna and just tell it like it is.

This flashpoint is supposed to be balanced around 4 characters around level 16-18ish. Pulls are all droids and a couple humanoids which makes everything really easy to crowd control as Smugglers/Imperial Agents have an ability to CC droids.

Whats neat is that from this flashpoint on shortcuts become available for people with appropriate crew skills to use. Scavengers can activate a drill, Slicers can activate an elevator, etc.

Bosses with the exception of the last boss (the guy blabbing in the video that killed everyone) are all very uninteresting, and not very difficult. The last boss summons adds, fires a cone of damage on a random player, throws proximity bombs down, and has a knockback. Its chaos, and its a lot of fun.

This flashpoint suffers from what a lot of quests and other flashpoints do in that there is a dark/light choice shoehorned into it. At some point you re-route power to open a door or something (its very unclear and no dialogue is involved) - depending on how you do it grants you dark/light but it all made no sense to me. Other flashpoints and quests will do this - where you touch a computer than all the sudden some guy runs out of nowhere and says "Wait! Touching that will cause X you never heard about and never will again some distress!"

Anyway, like other things it'll get better as launch approaches.