Watch American McGee's Gritty Take On Red Riding Hood In Action With Akaneiro

Spicy Horse, the developers behind Alice: Madness Returns, have released a first gameplay look at the action-RPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunter.

In much the same way that Spicy Horse took the tale of Alice in Wonderland and turned it into a dark fantasy where Alice brandished a large butcher knife for the majority of the game, Akaneiro is a more twisted vision of a different fairy tale.

In the video showing off an alpha build of the game above, you'll see a mixture of references to Red Riding Hood, as well as historical Japanese influences that set the tone of danger as players face off against the main threat of yokai.


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My Little Metroid

I'll throw money at them because they did Alice: Madness Returns (IMHO the best reimagining of the Alice in Wonderland concept in living memory).

If I get a fun Diablo-style game in the bargain, all the better.