Watch Almost Every 3DS Game In Action

Press play on this clip and you'll see gameplay footage from just about every big title we know is coming to the 3DS, from Mario to Zelda to Metal Gear to Street Fighter to Resident Evil to...

...Dead or Alive to Kid Icarus to Animal Crossing to Mario Kart to Starfox, they're all in here, and more, many of them looking good, some - in the case of Resident Evil - looking amazing.



Will old DS games be playable on the 3DS?

Also, will the Ocarina of Time re-release be playable on older DS'?

I'm ashamed to admit I never played it, but it's at the top of almost every 'greatest game ever' list.

What's the best way to play? I own a Wii. Should I get it from the virtual marketplace, or wait to play on the DS?

EDIT: I forgot to mention. Those graphics for Resident Evil are unbelievable. As in, I literally don't believe they are in game. They are so good.