Watch All Of Final Fantasy VII In Just Five Minutes

Brought to you by Dan Hobart, the man who cut abridged versions of Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and quite a few other Super Nintendo games, here's all of Final Fantasy VII in five minutes. In case you feel like getting all nostalgic and wistful but you don't have time to play Square's classic RPG all over again. Enjoy!


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I enjoyed this little nostalgia trip.

So...I haven't played this game all the way through since I was 11. The story doesn't make sense...right? I mean, I remember it's a bunch of disjointed events that lead to a sort of bit of closure? I also remember "Let's mosey on down" or something, right before the end.

As much of the FFVII stuff I've absorbed over the years, I don't really know what the main plot is other than Cloud confuses his identity and then some stuff happens. I played VII, Dirge of Cerberus, watched Advent Children, and beat Crisis Core (which made me bawl). After all of that, still no idea.

Magic times and memories, this game.