Watch A Team Of Two Players Beat Destiny's Six-Person Raid

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Holy crap. Somehow, two people have figured out how to beat Destiny's Vault of Glass—a raid mission that is excruciatingly difficult even with a team of six—thanks to sharp coordination and some liberal usage of the Sunsinger Warlock's self-resurrection ability.


Don't watch this video if you don't want to be spoiled on the raid. If you have played through the Vault, though, you'll really appreciate just how hard this must have been.

During the Atheon battle, instead of one person holding the Relic while the others shoot at Oracles, one member of this team will drop the Relic, shoot Oracles, pick the Relic back up, and repeat, all by himself. It's insane.

Hilariously, last night, Kirk and I were trying to figure out the minimum number of people it'd take to beat the raid. We thought it was three. We were wrong.

[via Wesley Yin-Poole]



That's pretty impressive, I thought me and a buddy were big shots for beating the archon priest last night by ourselves on the heroic weekly strike, cause that was freaking hard without that third person but this is insane. Gotta try it one day lol. Don't have enough friends on PS4 to try it though with a full group.