Watch a Spartan Take Down a Banshee in this Fan-Made Halo Trailer

Take a look at yet another Halo-centric fan film, made in mid-January by a team of three dedicated members on zero budget.


Last week saw the release of the first episode of Halo: Helljumper, a series focused on ODST culture, and its first encounter with the hostile Covenant. Here, Halo: Archetype goes straight to the heart of the matter, starring the very first Spartan as he engages a Banshee with his trusty assault rifle (that sometimes works, right?).

The people behind the project are looking to add to their ranks, "looking for costume and prop makers, concept artists, 3D modelers, and more." If you've got the requisite talent and a hunger for all things Halo, give them a holler at their Facebook page.


You know there are a lot of other much more interesting sci fi universes out there to make fan films of.