In popular free iPhone app 1to50, players have to sequentially press the numbers one through fifty as fast as they possibly can. No one is ever going to be this robot's score.


1to50 is a game that's all about counting. The timer starts and you've got to count with your fingers to press randomly placed numbers first from one to twenty-five and then from twenty-six to fifty. It's a simple little diversion meant to test the cognitive abilities and dexterity of human beings.

And a robot just kicked its ass.

Illustration for article titled Watch A Robot Go From em1to50/em In 6.6 Seconds

The Adept Quattro, a GLaDOS-looking device with four spindly arms, was built to perform precision tasks extremely quickly.

It looks like it's proven itself here. Let's see if any of us meatbags can knock it off the leaderboards.

Video: Lightning-Fast Finger-Bot Sets World Record for Playing iPhone Game [Popular Science]

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