Watch a Master Modder Split an Xbox 360 Controller in Two

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In the latest episode of The Ben Heck Show, master video game console modder Benjamin J. Heckendorn creates an Xbox 360 controller for folks that can't bring their hands together in front of their bodies. How does he do it?


Well I figured he would split the damn thing in half, but I guess there are limits to even the mighty Ben Heck's powers. He can't cut the 360 controller circuit board in two, so he uses one full controller and half another controller's shell to make an ugly contraption strung together with a ribbon cable. Still, it gets the job done, so folks with afflictions that give them tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex arms can now play Call of Duty.

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The Ben Heck Show [element14]

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Maybe my dream of having a lefthanded X-Box analog stick and a right handed mouse will be realized.