Watch A Bunch Of Cats Ruin Board Games

Oh, sure. You think it's cute to break out a few board games with a cat around but don't — it's a bad idea.

Cats are awful losers. They're jerks. You ever try having a cat banker at Monopoly? They throw the money around like it's going out of style. They'll knock over your game of Jenga. They knock over Candyland pieces when it isn't their turn. They're disrespectful of the rules and they act like they own the place.


I'm so mad now. And don't even get me started about Settlers of Catan. In related news, here's a GIF of a dog kissing Spider-Man:


Fabulousmrpug via Tastefully Offensive

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My friend's cat love bothering us when we play Settlers of Catan especially the little roads and settlements.