Watch A $5,000 Game Controller Land A Plane In Las Vegas

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Why spend mere hundreds of dollars on a fancy flight stick for your flight simulator needs when you can spend thousands on Saitek's Procedure Trainer, an insane collection of instrument panels, yokes and rudder pedals?


Mad Catz is showcasing the latest, impressively expensive Pro Flight controller set up from Saitek at CES 2011, a staggering pile of panels, switches and controllers that demands 18 USB ports and costs a cool $5,000 USD. The whole rig, as seen here, supports two flight yokes, up to 10 LCD instrument panels, two radio panels, a backlit information panel, rudder pedals and more for the ultimate in flight simulation at home.

Not included in that $5,000 fee is a TV or PC, however, so dig a little deeper.

Mad Catz's Alex Verrey walks us through the features of the Procedure Trainer while Nicki Repenning lands a Cessna at Las Vegas' McCarran Airport in Flight Simulator X.

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