Watch A Game Evolve 60 Times In 80 Seconds

Please Be Nice is a crazy idea that some Dutch students came up with last week. The idea: make a game that gets changed by the players. Only a week in, they've already made over 60 versions, and we've got a video of the results.


They're currently working on version 73, although the first 45 versions were all made in the first two days. You can see what each player suggested and play any of the versions here, and some of them are hilarious. You can see in the video, the game started with just a box that has to move to the other side of the map, and now there are multiple levels, boss fights, and Nick Cage. How they got there is great:

  • Version 2: Make the player feel the emotion LOVE
  • Version 7: At least five levels.
  • Version 11: NICK CAGE
  • Version 14: Kawaii uguu level
  • Version 19: Some awesome music
  • Version 24: Moral choice system
  • Version 28: Barrier that gets removed when a web timer has been checked. To make it fair for people to win.
  • Version 33: explosive barrels
  • Version 35: 1 pink bunny: multiplies when touching. can fill up whole screen
  • Version 42: left click shoot right click vortex middleclick/space detonate all bunnies, yeah that sounds about right.

Amazingly, in between all the crazy suggestions, there are occasionally actual game design tweaks, like the latest version which is increasing the difficulty of the bosses. The game has even gained enough features to justify a wiki.

They've been streaming development of the game the whole time, and if you have any interest in making games (they're using Gamemaker), they've been answering questions while they work.

Watch live video from PleaseBeNiceGame on

If you want to try your hand at the latest version of the game, you can find it here. They announce when it'll unlock for the next attempt on twitter. They're trying to raise a whopping $80 to submit their game to Indiecade, so if you want to donate, throw them a couple of bucks here.


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