Aran Koning has participated in several game jams, and apparently he enjoys them so much that he came up with an idea that amounts to a new game jam every day, at the whim of the internet.

The initial version of the game was just a red dot that you had to move to the opposite corner of the screen, but the first person to beat each version of the game gets to suggest a new feature. Somehow the first improvement suggested was "character selection screen". Here are the first four suggestions:


Somehow, he convinced two of his friends, Sander Vanheste and Herman Groenenboom, to work on this project with him, and they've already made 4 versions in three hours. Here's a look at version 4:

Apparently it was inspired by Twitch Plays Pokemon, but for the viewers, having to wait even just an hour for a new version is much more tedious than twitch's ~30 second delay. To balance this out, they're streaming development as they make each new version:

Watch live video from PleaseBeNiceGame on

Update: They're over 60 versions into the game now, and there's a video of the various versions so far


The game is live now, you can get it here. There's also a page showing the changes made through each version of the game here.


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