Make Your Own Clicking Game, No Programming Necessary

Everyone loves Cookie Clicker, but what if you want to click burgers, or cats, or Kotakus? Well now you can make your own 'idle game' just by editing a text file!


Orteil, the developer of Cookie Clicker, has made a free engine that lets anyone design their own clicking games without any programming knowledge. All you need to do is be able to read through some instructions and have a healthy command of 'find and replace'.

There's a pretty extensive documentation page that will walk you through how to set one up. The basic idea is pretty simple, just set up a pastebin account, and edit a text file (like the Burger Clicker example file) to the settings, items, and images that you want.

I edited the Burger Clicker into a simple (buggy) example of a Kotaku Clicker that you can check out here. If Burger Clicker has too much for you to deal with, you may want to start by editing the text of the Kotaku Clicker. It may be easier to follow with only the basic elements, which you can add to as you get it working.


Now that you know how to do it, let's see the best (or worst) clicking games you can come up with. They can be about Kotaku or anything else. I'll post some of the best games next week.


And here's a big Kotaku K for anyone who wants to improve on the Kotaku Clicker. Enjoy!


via @ClickerMaker by @tinysubversions

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