Cookie Clicker Uses Evil Game Design Tricks But I Don't Care

Cookie Clicker is a pointless, free browser game that uses some of the worst design elements from addictive free-to-play games like Farmville and Candy Crush Saga. I love it.

See, I like video games. I work for a video game website. I play games in my free time. I follow developers on twitter. I listen to gaming podcasts. When people try and talk to me about Candy Crush or some other free-to-play craze, I scoff because I know that they're just falling for cheap design tricks, and I know better.

But then I started clicking cookies. It's been weeks since I started playing, but I still check in with non-gamer friends to talk about the best way to appease the grandmatriarchs without hurting production. I will not stop until I beat this game, no matter how disappointing the ending will surely be.

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