Wasabi Kit-Kat? Um, Okay!

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Man, I love Kit-Kat. They are truly fantastic. Japan often gets interesting Kit-Kat flavors, such as "pudding" or even tea-flavored ones.


The most interesting flavor I've seen is "wasabi", which I spotted when traveling home for the holidays. Wasabi flavored Kit-Kat!

I actually didn't get them. I kind of chickened out at the last minute. I do like wasabi, but wasabi and chocolate? Hrm... The sweet-spicy combination could be good.

One of my favorite things about Japan is how the sweets come in an array of interesting flavors—flavors I'd never think of. While Kit-Kat is not a homegrown treat (thank the UK for them), the wasabi flavored ones seem to be a good example of just how daring snack food can get here.

I really should've picked these up.

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"While Kit-Kat is not a homegrown treat (thank the UK for them)"

uhmm.. it says Nestlé on that picture, that's a Swiss company ;)

But this reminds me of all the strange soft ice flavours they have over there. Stuff like sweet potato. Once i saw wasabi soft ice (that was in Ise). But since it was at the beginning of my holidays i sampled on other flavour i hadn't had yet (ume = plum). Never saw the wasabi anywhere else, i should have tried it...