Failure was my middle name when I recently spoke to head of Traveller's Tales, Jonathan Smith.

There I am chatting with him about the upcoming Lego: Batman game and suggesting that a Lego: Transformers game would be fun. He asks me, essentially, for an on-the-spot verbal pitch. As chronicled on my Multiplayer blog, I say

I said, you'd take advantage of the wide cast of Transformers characters and put them in the format started by "Lego: Star Wars." There are plenty of Transformers for gamers to control and swap, certainly more characters in the pantheon than there were for "Lego: Indiana Jones."

I said TT coul have all sorts of fun letting the characters transform to get through the levels. You have the existing good mix of character and vehicle stuff in the Lego games, so there's a blueprint there.

"Sounds like you just want a good Transformers game," Smith replied

I tried more. He didn't bite. Where did I go wrong? Bad concept?

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