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In early August, as riots raged through north London, the Sony Enfield distribution center burned. Three million CDs and tens of thousand DVDs were lost in the fire. At the time, it was said looters made off with game consoles.


According to the Telegraph, evidence suggest that this wasn't mere looting. This was a heist, carried out by pros.


It's believed that a well organized gang used the riots as a distraction to raid the guarded Sony distribution center. Sources in the security industry said that specialized cutting equipment was used for up to two hours to take down a security fence before the break-in. A fleet of vans apparently drove in and were loaded up with gear.

Then, these robbers supposedly lured other roving gangs to loot the building, thus, covering up their tracks. "By the time a crowd of youths were seen inside the warehouse helping themselves to stock including games consoles," the Telegraph wrote, "the original robbers had already left the scene."

In early August, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe told Kotaku that it was believed SCEE was not affected by the looting.


Five males (ages ranging from 17 to 23) were arrested for the looting and arson. They are currently out on bail.

Neither Metropolitan Police nor Sony commented on these latest findings.

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