Was League of Legends’ Newest Champion Inspired by an Employee?

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A few days ago a League of Legends champion, named Fiora, got leaked onto a respected League of Legends' fansite. Accompanying the flood of information was a picture of Fiora herself who seemed...oddly familiar. On the left of the photo above we can see Fiora, the Grand Duelist, and on the right we have Nika "Nikasaur" Harper, a Community Coordinator at Riot Games (the developer of League of Legends). I'm not just seeing things, right? One seems to have been inspired by another.


Nikasaur also hosts the "Summoner Showcase", a series of videos done by Riot featuring fan artwork. As a result she's been one of the most visible members of the Riot team and one who may go from just being seen on the screen to being playable. They're both white, yes, they're both female, yes, but the real kicker is the hair. The comb over to one side paired with the purpleish hair makes it an easy comparison to draw. Is it possible? Could Riot's design team have decided to try and immortalize Nikasaur? Or did she take them all out in a high stakes card game?

Note that Fiora has not yet been confirmed by Riot.

This is the next League of Legends Champion - Fiora [State of the League]

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Here we can see her two skins that will probably be a bundle at lauch.