Warning, This Playstation 4 Bundle Has a PS3-Only Game In It

Tipster Cody Brown directed our attention to a“Complete Bundle” for this week’s Rock of Ages 2, which includes Atlus’ boulder-rolling strategy sequel plus the original game. The listing says it’s playable on the PS4. That’s half right.

There is absolutely no mention of the Playstation 3 on the Playstation Store listing for the Rock of Ages 2: Complete Bundle, so Cody thought he was getting some sort of port of the original game when he dropped an extra fiver on the pack.


But after completing the checkout process, he discovered that the original game meant the Playstation 3 version, and there was no PS4 version. This is the screen he received, as posted over at the Giant Bomb forums:

That’s unfortunate. While it is only a couple extra dollars and Cody and others who’ve purchased the bundle are technically getting both games, it’s not unreasonable to assume a game bundle that can be purchased via the PS4's Playstation Store and says “Playable on: PS4" should run in its entirety on the Playstation 4.

Game publisher Atlus tells Kotaku the listing not mentioning the Playstation 3 is a mistake, and they are working to get it corrected.


“The description for the Rock of Ages 2: Complete Bundle should have clearly stated that purchasers would receive Rock of Ages for the PlayStation 3. We regret the error and will have the page updated as soon as PSN allows.”

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