World of Warcraft’s current expansion pack takes us back in time to the orcish homeworld Draenor, prior to its destruction. With time travel and all kinds of timelines included, it’s not the easiest thing to follow. But with everything reversed, it all makes sense.

In the expansion we set foot on Draenor, build our Garrison and follow the powerful wizard Khadgar’s instructions to survive in a world of legendary orc warriors. We’re told that we need to deal with the main bad guy Gul’Dan, but instead, we go to Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry to beat up an endless amount of ogres and Iron Horde orcs and finally fight with a completely unexpected foe, Archimonde, in Hellfire Citadel. At the end it feels a bit messy. Something like this:


But just reverse the whole thing, as SlightlyImpressive did, and all this confusion becomes a clear, cute story of friendship and love:

So how would things go in reverse? Gul’Dan banishes Archimonde back into the Twisting Nether and then gives medicine to the Fel Horde, curing them all. The Blackrock Clan gets a massive foundry and we find some ogres in Highmaul and make them our friends as well. After this, we help the Arakkoa quell a rebellion and the Iron Horde to rebuild Shattrath as well as clean the corruption at Auchindoun.

We then travel to Gorgrond and help the Botani turn the rocky place back to its original oasis form. Finally, the Alliance travel back to Shadowmoon Valley, while the Horde goes back to Frostfire Ridge. Both factions pack their Garrisons, build the Dark Portal and leave. The Iron Horde follows us to Azeroth but they immediately realize it’s not for them and they all go back to Draenor through the Dark Portal. End of story. We saved Draenor.

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