Warlords of Draenor's Notorious Endgame PvP Zone is Staying in Legion

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World of Warcraft: Legion’s zones, story, and the new PvP system are all shaping up nicely, yet besides two new arena maps there are still no new PvP battlegrounds announced. Players started to wonder if the current endgame zone, Ashran, is intended to stay.


Popular world PvP zones (Wintergrasp, Tol Barad) from previous expansions were retired once new expansions came out, so it’s understandable that players are wondering about Ashran’s fate. Surprisingly, according to Blizzard’s PvP boss Brian Holinka, the zone will remain accessible in Legion.

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Ashran is a level 100 battleground and it’s a bit different from all the other PvP zones. It’s a relatively big, 40v40 map, with no time limit or any conclusion. Players can join and leave at any time and participate in any of the ongoing objectives.

It’s also the only way to get endgame PvP gear in Warlords of Draenor, which is why a lot of players hate it. They expressed their worries in various online threads after the blue reply. The amount of players zerg rushing each other makes the zone a no-brainer and one player can hardly impact the battle in any way, which means the Ashran experience is either getting rolled over in seconds, or complete domination of the opposite faction, depending on which team has more healers and the better leader. At the same time, all of this is mandatory because it’s currently the only source of high level PvP gear.

Still, being able to queue for Ashran with level 110 characters in Legion is good news, as long as it won’t be mandatory. Players can still do the achievements, have some casual fun, collect the reputation rewards if they want, or completely forget about it if they hated it. At least it won’t be retired content like Wintergrasp or Tol Barad from previous expansions. But maybe, somehow bringing back those two and making them relevant again would be even better.

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As long as they keep dropping a salable Champion’s Honor type token that lets you eventually buy honor and conquest points, I don’t really care either way. The only reason I even buy PvP gear is to get temporary PvE upgrades and to fight outside whatever the latest raid instance is while we’re assembling the group and summoning people. Being able to drop gold on these tokens also let me gear up a couple alts far, far faster than I would have been able to otherwise.

If they don’t, I just won’t be getting any PvP gear again; Ashran may be one of the most confusing, boring experiences for PvP they’ve cooked up yet, and despite people saying it’s the best way to get gear, I’ve sat in there for hours several times and only got a few conquest points and a single piece that was an upgrade from the blue honor gear. It makes me wish they would have allowed queuing for some of the older large scale PvP events as well. Wintergrasp was kind of a mess too, but at least it wasn’t a confusing mess. I still have no idea why we win or lose some of the events in Ashran.