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Wario Land Shake It Impressions

Tristan and I were walking past the Nintendo booth yesterday at PAX when we noticed that they had demo stations for Wario Land Shake It set up. Stranger still was the fact that there were almost no lines for the beautifully crafted 2D platformer. I handed the controller to Tristan and watched him take to the title like a gamer thirsting for some old-school, hardcore fun on a casual gaming platform. The game plays mostly with the D-pad and buttons but you do have to pull off the occasional motion-activated slam. Wario Land Shake It seems fairly straight forward, but Nintendo has buried plenty of hidden items and side quests to make the game fun to replay. The thing most captivating about the game is its clean, hand-drawn look. It's simply beautiful to behold in action.


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As a life long rabid Nintendo fan I won't be picking this up. It's just another example in Nintendo's long list of half baked shit (lack of widescreen here). In fact I can't foresee giving Nintendo any more money for quite a long time.