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Warhawk Getting Jetpacks In New Patch, Says GameFAQs

Illustration for article titled Warhawk Getting Jetpacks In New Patch, Says GameFAQs

The release of Warhawk version 1.5 is not only bringing with it a slew of Trophies, game modes and online options, it may be bringing an entirely new vehicle type — jetpacks!


A posted list of alleged 57 attainable Trophies in the PlayStation 3 version of Warhawk features three jetpack specific achievements — Aerial Ballet, Are You Aim-Botting? and That Was Some Bug. Jobe may have been hinting at the inclusion of the new ride on a post about the Warhawk 1.4 update on the official PlayStation Blog last month.


Consider it rumor for now (*cough* GameFAQs *cough*), until we get some confirmation from SCEA and/or Incognito.

UPDATE: We did hear back from SCEA, who say the list of Warhawk Trophies at GameFAQs is indeed accurate. Jetpacks ahoy!

Warhawk [GameFAQs - via PS3 Fanboy] [Image]

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@Elly: lol i suppose by breif you mean several months, now your using valve time