Warhawk Getting Jetpacks In New Patch, Says GameFAQs

The release of Warhawk version 1.5 is not only bringing with it a slew of Trophies, game modes and online options, it may be bringing an entirely new vehicle type — jetpacks!


A posted list of alleged 57 attainable Trophies in the PlayStation 3 version of Warhawk features three jetpack specific achievements — Aerial Ballet, Are You Aim-Botting? and That Was Some Bug. Jobe may have been hinting at the inclusion of the new ride on a post about the Warhawk 1.4 update on the official PlayStation Blog last month.

Consider it rumor for now (*cough* GameFAQs *cough*), until we get some confirmation from SCEA and/or Incognito.

UPDATE: We did hear back from SCEA, who say the list of Warhawk Trophies at GameFAQs is indeed accurate. Jetpacks ahoy!

Warhawk [GameFAQs - via PS3 Fanboy] [Image]

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