As Dylan Jobe says in this PlayStation.Blog post, Warhawk is "almost a year old". Time for a fresh coat of paint! And Sony are obliging, with the innocently-titled "1.4" upgrade actually bringing a ton of gameplay and functionality tweaks to the game. On the gameplay side, two new modes are added, Collection and the great-sounding Hero (each team gets a "hero", who glows and can be seen on the map but is also incredibly powerful). Behind the scenes, everything from the mini-map to the scoring's seen changes, with the addition of new features like "Quick Join", which is Warhawk's name for instant matchmaking. The 1.4 update goes live on July 16 at 0300 Pacific Time, and is completely free of charge.

Warhawk v1.4 Update "Free Gameplay Modes!!" [PlayStation.Blog]


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