Warmachine, the tabletop wargame that's stealing a ton of Warhammer's thunder, is about to get its first video game adaptation. Provided its fans can raise $500,000.

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for Warmachine: Tactics, a turn-based tactical game for the PC and Mac.

Here are some of the main features, straight from the project page:

  • It's a "squad-level, turn-based tactics game featuring both a single-player campaign and online synchronous and asynchronous head-to-head multiplayer options."
  • "Similar to the concept of creating ability combos in a trading card game, units in WARMACHINE: Tactics can combine effects and abilities that support each other’s efforts and increase one another’s effectiveness."
  • "In WARMACHINE: Tactics, you’ll be able to save multiple squads in different configurations so that you can always pick the best load out for the mission or opponent at hand."
  • "The campaigns will deliver an extensive, story-driven experience. Although conducting your squad during campaign battles works exactly like combat in multiplayer, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose how the central character develops her abilities through the course of her evolution."
  • "One of the most exciting aspects of WARMACHINE: Tactics is being able to play against your friends no matter where you are or what time it is. Online multiplayer will support both synchronous and asynchronous play, so you can compete head-to-head against a live opponent on the other side of the world, or you can play the asynchronous “play-by-mail” mode, which allows both players to take turns at their leisure."


With 30 days to go, the project has already raised nearly $300,000 of the $500,000 goal. You can see way more screenshots, and more game details, at the campaign page.

Warmachine: Tactics [Kickstarter]