Games Workshop's vintage tabletop series Warhammer is trying once again to leave a memorable impression on the video game world, this time with a mobile title called Warhammer Quest.


While its sci-fi sibling 40K has had a number of high-profile success stories, the original fantasy series has struggled when it comes to digital entertainment, with its last two titles (excluding the Blood Bowl spinoffs) - Warhammer Online and Mark of Chaos - not exactly remember as classics.

Things might be different this time around, though, as the developers behind Warhammer Quest are Rodeo Games, who made Hunters, which is a cracking iOS strategy title, one obviously owing a lot in terms of mechanics to Games Workshop's designs.


Giving Rodeo a Warhammer game, then, seems a natural fit. Hopefully they can do the franchise some justice!

Warhammer Quest will be out in Q2 2013, for the iPhone and iPad.

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