Hunters Is Strategy Brewed Especially For The iPhone

Final Fantasy Tactics. X-Com. Shining Force. All games that do turn-based strategy very well. If you have an iPhone or iPad, add Hunters to that list.

Developed by Rodeo Games - made up of guys who have worked Sony, Criterion and Lionhead - Hunters is a turn-based squad combat game that takes a venerable old franchise and ports it almost perfectly to Apple's handheld platforms.

You're in charge of a band of Hunters, science fiction mercenaries who complete missions for cash. As the game progresses you can recruit new Hunters, and the ones you've already got can be levelled up, along with obtaining (and purchasing) new and better equipment.


So far, so standard, but Hunters has a few neat tricks that take advantage of the mobile platforms. For starters, it makes great use of the touch screen to allow you precise, elegant control over both the camera and your squad without the need for intrusive on-screen indicators like buttons.

It also has a unique mission structure. Instead of the game shipping with a finite number of levels, Hunters is updated daily in real-time, each 24-hour window giving you access to a small number of missions. You can retry them as many times you like in that period, but if you're done, you have to wait for the clock to tick over to get new challenges.

Think of it as Animal Crossing in that regard, then, only with large men in space armour.

Hunters: Episode One is free to download, and that'll let you level your players to a limited amount and have access to a few missions. To get access to everything else, you can unlock the full product via an in-game purchase, which is around $5.


If you like any of the games mentioned in the first paragraph, Hunters is definitely worth a look.

Hunters: Episode One [Apple App Store]

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I don't buy games with "Episode" in the title, except when preceded by "Half-Life". Second, there's no way I'm paying $5 for a game unless it's a universal app (it's not). So, double fail.