Warhammer Online Doubles Open-World RVR XP

If you understood the headline you probably know this already, but it bears mentioning anyway. Mythic really, really wants people to kill each other in Warhammer Online, and not just in their encapsulated little battlegrounds scenarios. They want the conflict to rage across the open-world areas as well, and in order to encourage this they've doubled the experience gained from killed the enemy in open Realm versus Realm combat.

With the addition of the new region-wide and RvR-wide chat channels we have seen a marked increase in Open RvR participation. In order to encourage this trend even further, we have made an additional adjustment to the experience awarded for killing enemy players in an Open RvR area. Previously we increased this amount by 50%. As of today, that bonus has been raised to 100%. With this change players killed in Open RvR will now be worth double the experience than those killed in scenarios!


I just can't understand why this is necessary. Going from questing one minute to rolling over the forces of Chaos in a giant warband is one of the best things about the game. Perhaps it just takes a bit of coercing to snap people out of the World of Warcraft queuing up for PVP mentality. either way, more XP for me! Experience Enhancements - Phase III [Warhammer Online]

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