Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War II - Retribution Plays The Race Card

Do you love all six races in Dawn of War II - Retribution enough to get the $39.99 Collector's edition, or are you so preferential you'll preorder one of the special race packs?

THQ's latest strategy foray into the Warhammer 40,000 universe is coming in March, which gives players plenty of time to decide where their true allegiance lies. Once that's decided, they'll be able to preorder one of six race packs tailored to the strengths of the different races in the game. Available at the digital download preorder level only, each pack enhances the single player campaign with four unique ability and wargear items. You can grab the Ork pack exclusively through Steam, with the Tyranid race pack exclusive to THQ.com. The remaining four are available wherever games are digitally downloaded.


Can't make up your mind? Then go for the $39.99 collector's edition. It gives players access to all of the exclusive ability and wargear items, a poster, and six high-quality race cards, packed inside a lovely box. The collector's edition is only available through the THQ.com store, so you won't even worry about deciding where to buy it.

So which race is your favorite?

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