Wardevil's been on our radar since, what, 2005? For most of that time, we were under the impression that Wardevil was just a game. Now, though, it's more than a game.

Some job listings for CGI animators and concept artists on professional recruitment site CGJobs, posted by Wardevil developers Digi-Guys, show the company are looking for staff to work on not just a game, but a "short movie" as well.

We are looking for highly skilled & motivated individuals with a passion for both game & film, as the Project is a Next Gen videogame property & hybrid HD/Blu-Ray short movie.

While the "hybrid HD" bit smacks of a job ad from the dark days of the HD format wars, the ads were actually posted between 23-26 January 2009, so they're current. Successful candidates are expected to work across both projects, handling in-game animation, cut scenes and shots for the film.


Don't bother telling them to finish the game first before working on some movie, we're sure they've heard that one a million times already.