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Warcraft Movie Footage Leaks From Comic Con

Illustration for article titled iWarcraft /iMovie Footage Leaks From Comic Con

Last weekend at Comic Con, the folks behind the Warcraft movie showed off a bunch of footage that was meant to be exclusive to the show. As was inevitable, it’s leaked.


Watch this leaked version quick, before Legendary tries to take it down. Here’s hoping they realize that trying to keep this stuff secret is nonsense and just release an HD version on YouTube.


The Warcraft movie is currently slated for June 2016. It’s based on the first game in Blizzard’s iconic series although it will undoubtedly be packed full of references to World of Warcraft and other entries.

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Keith Hernandez's Moustache

What would a video game movie trailer be without some dismissive, hipster asshole mentioning “I’m already not interested” in the first ten seconds, as if he was forcibly conscripted to watch the trailer.

That guy, and I hope he is reading this...can eat my nuts.