On Tuesday, March 15, just a few days after Diablo II got its first patch since 2011, Warcraft III will get its first patch since 2011. Blizzard’s classic games group is kicking all sorts of ancient ass these days.


In a video specifically aimed at the active Warcraft III community in China, Blizzard classic games head Robert Bridenbecker announced the upcoming patch in a video uploaded by Back2Warcraft (via GameSpot). No details were given about the content of the patch, though it’s likely there will be tweaks to make the aging game run better on modern systems, which was the core focus of this week’s Diablo II update.

Patch 1.27 will be released simultaneously around the world on March 15. The previous update, 1.26a, was released in March of 2011.


In the video Bridenbecker says the update is “only our first stop,” suggesting more updates are on the way. The June 10 release of the Warcraft movie looming, Blizzard might be gearing up for an influx of curious new fans eager for some pre-World of Warcraft lore.

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