War of the Farts

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Today, we are lucky. For entertainment, we have television, video games, and the internet. Back in olden times, people had to be more creative with their diversions—make that, very creative.

Scholars at elite institute Waseda University posted images from an Edo-era proto-manga scroll "War of the Farts".

Manga's nascent beginnings are grounded in picture scrolls. Many of them depicted animals. This one depicted fart battles.

It's rather crude, yes, but silly and humorous—no doubt, the point.

Note that the scroll does feature butts, boob, pubic hair, hairy testicles, people farting in bags, people farting through screens, people fanning farts, and dual fart attacks. If you are sensitive to such imagery, be warned.

Many more images can be found in the link below.

屁合戦絵巻 [Waseda via @Matt_Alt via JapanProbe]


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