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Even a brand-spanking new MMO like Warhammer Online can't resist holding their own Halloween Spooktacular in-game events. Beginning today, October 29th, Witching Night descends upon on the lands of WAR, bringing with it four new public quests and a live in-game event that pits players from both realms against ancient evil forces. Of course any Halloween event wouldn't be complete without special goodies, and Mythic tons of special items, exclusive titles, and special event-only cloaks lined up. As a special Warhammer Online twist, some items can only be looted from other players in Realm vs. Realm play, so don't get so caught up in the festivities that you forget who the enemy are. Hit up the event page over at the Warhammer Online website for more details, along with screenshots of some of the event rewards, only available for a limited time! WAR Live Event: The Witching Night [Warhammer Online]


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