Wanted: Weapons of Fate Debut Trailer

"Wanted" hit the big screen in June, and if back then you didn't get enough insultingly stupid movie physics, executed by American Apparel models whose range of emotion goes from "smirk" all the way to "disdain", now you get the chance to do it all yourself in Wanted: Weapons of Fate, the WORLD EXCLUSIVE trailer for which is above. Warning, this trailer actually says "fuck." I guess that makes the game worth buying? Wanted: Weapons of Fate, being developed by GRIN, comes out sometime next year. Wanted: Weapons of Fate — Exclusive Debut Trailer [Gametrailers]

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They deal in absolutes? Are they Sith?

And frankly, worrying about the bullet physics is stupid when the same movie has a future-predicting loom. It's like talking about how Superman catching Lois without trying to match her velocity would break her in three, and ignoring the fact that he's a flying solar-powered space alien.