Want To Work For Square Enix? Write Fan-Fiction

No doubt, this will be a dream job for some. Square Enix is looking for a localizer to, as the job listing explains, "edit and proofread in-game text and voice scripts for large-scale video game projects," "copy-edit promotional materials, manuals, and various sell text," and "work with translation staff to ensure style consistency across multiple titles." Though the position is based in Tokyo, Japanese language proficiency is not a requirement — but an obvious plus. Here's the kicker: Square Enix is asking applicants to submit resumes and an imaginative essay:

Required Documents Creative writing assignment Topic: You are a character from a Square Enix game who has been magically teleported to Japan. Using the language of the position for which you are applying, write a short story about your adventures in this new land. The story must be 800-1000 words in Chicago Manual style. * There are no topic or setting restrictions. * We will not answer any questions regarding the assignment.


Talk about a Pandora's Box! Square Enix, brace yourself for the inevitable flood of heavy breathing yaoi Cloud — Sephiroth fan-fiction. Localize Editor [Square Enix via giapet]

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