Want To Take A Real Quick Look At Pandemic's Batman Game?

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Then take a look at these. Don't expect much - the two clips are using raw character models and little else - but hey, it's not like you're ever going to see anything better.

The first clip up here shows a rooftop chase. Batman could be...either of them, really, but we're thinking the latter, because he does that neat slide. And why would Batman be running away?

The second clip, below, is a character test for what must have been one of the game's villains. Not much on show here, either, but you can at least get a feel for the tone the game was shooting for. The dark, murderous tone.


Both clips come courtesy of the online portfolio of artist Travis Ramsdale, who worked on Batman's animation for the game at Pandemic Brisbane until it was recently canned.

[Thanks Superannuation!]

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Too bad, might have been a fun game. The last Batman game I played was the NES one based on the movie.