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Nerd heroine Shoko Nakagawa appears in the latest ad for Super Robot Taisen NEO. She wears pearls and cosplays as an announcer lady while she talks into the camera. Making something like that must be very difficult.


This isn't Francis Ford Coppola in the jungle with Marlon Brando or Wernor Herzog trying to push a boat over a mountain. It is Shoko Nakagawa sitting in front of a green screen — hey, there's a new idol named Kurumi Takahashi, too. Finished product below:

Yes, the making of for a fifteen second ad.

Note: The asterisk in the main image has a note that reads, "This is a Super Robot Taisen commercial.


しょこたんがニュースキャスター役に初挑戦!Wii『スーパーロボット大戦NEO』TVCM10月17日より放送開始! | インサイド [Inside]

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