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Want To Play Xbox One Offline? Make One Out Of LEGO.

The Xbox One requires an Internet connection. This LEGO version of the Xbox One—made by YouTuber and LEGO aficionado Kooberz—does not. It might not be able to render Call of Duty dogs, but at least you can put it under your television and play pretend.


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BluRay is now Region LOCKED on Xbox ONE!! Well, what else can we expect from the company that is pushing the cloud through your nose. The sad thing is when people think BluRay we think Region Free....but noooo that would be to good to be true with Xbox One. so let's recount the positives and the negatives shall we?:


- A semi improved 360 controller.

- A flashy gesture and voice recognition system


- A "24 hour internet check" for gaming functionality regarless of multiplayer or NOT.

- Your downloaded games and DLC that you purchased over the years WON'T Play.

- Your Profile would have to be shared if you want to let a friend or family member use your Hard Copy and Downloaded games by doing so the certainty of them ruining your gamer score and gaming library recorded on your profile.

- Your Favorite headset won't work...Microsoft wants you to buy a new one!

- Kinnect is now forced on you on every xbox and you can't deactivate it.

- No way to fully shut off that xbox, unless completely unplugged.

- The Xbox brand represented a Gaming console with multimedia choices, NOW is a Multimedia Box with restricted gaming functionality.

- Indie Developers no longer have the freedom they used to have.

- The box looks like it came through a Time Machine from the 80's and Microsoft wants us to put that in our Living Rooms???

- Microsoft still have the technologically inferior box compared to SONY...might not seem like by much, but faster Memory and Processor equals better games.

- Microsoft putting up restrictions on how you buy and trade your used games...what it used to be a hassle-free process and decision, now it's a nightmare.

- And now for the first time ever, BLURAY IS NOW REGION LOCKED thanks to Microsofts much for the possibility of buying those games that might not make it in your country like we did with the PS3 and most xbox 360 games.

I'm pretty sure the negatives outweigh any positives listed here or the ones you would like to think of....

the choice is clear and your hard earned money will send a message to Microsoft to either support them on a half-ass gaming effort full with restrictions and hassles or if you would want them to know you deserved better as a gamer.