There are so many casinos in Fallout: New Vegas, and so many factions trying to control the strip. As a player, you might end up taking control of the strip yourself—so why not take that all the way and actually manage a casino?

Here is a mod appropriately called
Run The Lucky 38 by PaladinRider Omega549 on New Vegas Nexus that allows you to do just that. It'll be like you're Mr. House, almost.


So, what does running a casino involve? Managing finances, hiring employees, deciding on your patrons (how upscale do you want to be?), and apparently, finding out some of Mr. House's secrets. Of course Mr. House has secrets.

You can expand your casino and its rooms from the sound of it. And, naturally, you can make money (which you should reinvest!)

However, increasing the prestige of your casino requires that you spend all those caps on new floors and features—don't fear though, it may cost a lot to open your own club, or provide food services, but doing so will help increase the money you will make over time.

All in all, sounds like a neat diversion from adventuring in the Mojave Wasteland. If this sounds of interest, check out the PC mod here.

Run The Lucky 38 [New Vegas Nexus]

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