She won't be alone. Oh, no.

Better known for her work in anime K-On!, Satomi Sato, who has voice credits in games like Yakuza 3, GodEater and Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos, is guesting on television show Culture:Japan, joining the show's host and creator, blogger Danny Choo, whom Kotaku has previously featured several times (since 2006!). "I wanted go beyond web to share Japanese Pop Culture with the world," says Choo, "and thought that TV should be the next step."


The program first aired on Japan's Tokyo MX TV last month is is being shown throughout Asian on the Animax Asia network this month. According to Choo, "The show features everything Japanese Pop Culture which is anime, manga, figures, dolls, fashion, games and goes deeper so we can see exactly how these mediums and products are made."

So instead of simply introducing culture, the show plans to dive deeper and show what's behind it. Part of that could be because the program is created for Japanese and global audiences.


"This is the first TV show I've directed and presented on and am pleased with the amount of contents featured," says Choo, "including a behind the scenes of how figures are made at Good Smile Company, footage of Black Rock Shooter, anime voice actress guest Satomi Sato, a look at an anime and game university Digital Hollywood and coverage of what a real (as opposed to 2D anime) Japanese high school is like — and its just like anime!"

Check out the show's trailer. There will be another one hour special next month. The full series kicks off this October on Tokyo MX TV and the Animax network.


Making of Culture:Japan [DannyChoo] [Pic]

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