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Want To Bring Your Indie Game To PAX? It Could Cost $11,758.70.

Illustration for article titled Want To Bring Your Indie Game To PAX? It Could Cost $11,758.70.

Got a hot new game? Want to bring it to PAX? Hope you've got a trust fund.

The people at BitFlip Games have written an entertaining (and eye-opening) blog post that breaks down how they managed to spend close to $12,000 just to get their game Minion Master out on the show floor.


Here's their numerical breakdown:

The Recap:

  • Booth: $1300.00
  • Furniture: $435.28
  • Mounts: $67.40
  • Beer/welding: $14.75
  • Server Stand: $60
  • Computers (8): $3265.36
  • Screens (7): $1813.21
  • Router, Cabling, Power: $186.92
  • Misc. Supplies: $78.20
  • Promotional Cards: $1836.10
  • Shirt/Caps: $600
  • Electricity: $219.50
  • Incidentals: $1650
  • Airfare: $1257.40
  • Housing: $710

Total: $11758.70.

Pretty crazy stuff. Check out the full blog post for explanations of why everything cost what it did.


If you're a game developer and you've brought a game to PAX or a similar trade show, how much did you wind up spending? Let us know in Kinja below.

So, You Want to Take Your Indie Game to PAX. [Bit Flip Games — thanks, David!]

Note: The headline for this article originally read "Want To Bring Your Indie Game To PAX? That'll Be $11,758.70." Some folks pointed out how that could be seen as misleading, so we've changed it.

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I work for a company that does the 'backbone' of convention services.. we handle furniture rental, freight handling and all the decor on some of the largest conventions and tradeshows across the world, including several of the most well-known gaming and tech shows. This a relatively fair writeup of 'price of entry' for a tradeshow like PAX. They did it the right way for an indie dev - bought their own stuff at Ikea and shipped in vs. ordering directly.

Only thing I'd correct is the description of 'material handling' charges - regardless of shipping direct to the show vs. sending to the warehouse that cost will apply. The benefit of going to the warehouse in advance is the peace of mind that UPS won't ruin your weekend by losing your freight somewhere in transit... the warehouse will store and provide freight up to 30 days in advance of the show.

And yes, Internet / power drops are completely absurd and I cannot believe this is still a real industry in this day and age.