Want Beyond Good & Evil For Free? Buy Some Cheese

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True story. If Canadians pick up select packets of Cheese Heads brand mozzarella cheese, they'll not only get a bag of delicious cheese, they'll also get a copy of Beyond Good & Evil.


Really. What's more, it's not a download key, not a mail-away deal. The disc - for the PC version - is right there. Inside the bag of cheese.

Get Beyond Good & Evil Free With...Cheese? [Giant Bomb]



It's not really that sad if you think about it. Beyond Good and Evil was an EPIC game. (I got my copy for PS2!)

Great depth, great story, great characters, and just about great everything!

The sad thing was that it didn't make it out to enough people. Yet, this tie in will spread the game even further and raise awareness and demand for the sequel in the making.

I do not poo-poo this decision. I think any way you can get Beyond Good and Evil into the hands of John Q. Public is a GOOD thing!

And you get cheese to boot!

Better yet, actually packaging the game IN the bag O' cheese ensures that people will actually PLAY the game as opposed to go "Meh, I don't want to mail in UPCs" or "I gotta buy how many packages before I send away for it?"

Smart move if you ask me.