Wall Street Journal On Beatles Rock Band Deal

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The Beatles in my Rock Band ? Believe. Confirming that confirming email, MTV's Rock Band has licensed The Beatles' music reports The Wall Street Journal. This deal, set to be announced later today, is all the more remarkable considering how The Beatles have not allowed its music to be licensed to Apple's iTunes. According to analysts, the tricky part will be connecting with many older Beatles fans and marketing the Rock Band title to them. The Wall Street Journal did not yet know which Beatles titles will be included or from which era. Both MTV and developer Harmonix declined to comment. Be sure to check back later today for an update on this story as it develops. Beatles Tunes Join Rock Band Game [Wall Street Journal]


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Chris Kluwe

So much for Harmonix's high and mighty "Exclusives are bad for business mmmk" I guess? Exclusives in and of themselves don't bug me; hypocrites, however, do.