Walking to Work in New York City: The Game

Coming to the iPhone and iPad in February, Gutpela's Sidewalker: Late to Work is a painstakingly accurate recreation of what I felt like when I visited New York City last month to hang at the Kotaku main office, right down to the lack of pants.

Gutpela says this is an endless walking game, like a mix of Temple Run and Frogger. In the introductory email the game's style is listed as "Katamari Dynasty, Jet Grind Radio, Crazy Taxi, Paper Boy, Grand Theft Auto", four pretty amazing games and one that doesn't exist (though I'd play the hell of a game called Katamari Dynasty). I'm not seeing much of those in the video here, but what I am seeing is the feeling of waking up late for work in video game form.


And mad props to Gutpela for snagging the URL WalkingtheGame.com. I look forward to following in their footsteps next month.

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