Gymnasium/ballroom/armory pro wrestling is a beautiful thing. A beautifully cheesy thing. This combatant from Hawaii, "Kenryu Takadoki", has shed all pretense of trying to become noticed and promoted to a bigger circuit because, hey, they're way out in Hawaii. So why not go with a repertoire based on Street Fighter moves?


E. Honda's hundred-hand slap looks like he's trying to put out someone whose shirt is on fire. Zangief's spinning lariat looks more like a rogue lawn sprinkler. But wait until Kenryu shoryukens the dude coming off the top rope. Other moves include Daniel-san's Crane Kick and ... Sennen Goroshi? From Naruto? In the butt?

I really have no idea what I just saw. But thanks to Kotaku commenter chfuji for sending it in!


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