EA's FIFA 13 on Wii was a middle finger to sports fans on the console, as it was quite literally a full-priced roster update. If you thought competing franchise Pro Evo would do any better, though, you are sadly mistaken.

As you can see in these images, once again provided by Nintendo Gamer, this year's version is basically identical to last year's, the only changes being to some kits and rosters. The slider image up top shows just how similar the two games can get.

On the bright side, at least Konami used PhotoShop to invert the main menu screen. And had the sense to sell this at a budget price instead of the insulting premium EA was charging for FIFA. But still. A little more effort would have been appreciated, especially since the only people who are going to notice the ctrl+v work are the only people still buying sports games on the platform.


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