The makers of Sunset Overdive are proud that you'll be able to make playable characters of different genders and ethnicities. So, of course, they decided to have some fun at the expense of Assassin's Creed.

Now, you won't hear the word Assassin or any mention of Ubisoft's hit period-piece action series in the latest promo clip for Insomniac Games' upcoming Xbox exclusive. But, with the recent drama surrounding the decision to nix playable female characters from this fall's upcoming Assassin's Creed Unity still fresh on people's minds, there's no mistaking who Insomniac are taking a jab at.

This glimpse at Sunset Overdrive's 'assassin' is very quick, making it tough to discern whether this is an actual outfit in the game or just a bunch of wardrobe choices that approximates the hooded look of Ubisoft's stealthy protagonists. We've asked Insomniac for comment and will update this post if they reply.