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Wait, There Was A "Recipe" For Meth In GTAIV?

Illustration for article titled Wait, There Was A Recipe For Meth In GTAIV?

Proof that in a world as big as Grand Theft Auto IV's you can play it for months and never see all the game has to offer: apparently there's a "recipe" for the production of methamphetamines hidden somewhere in the game.


I've got no idea where, exactly, but it's been revealed that during a playthrough of the game for its classification last year, the British Board of Film Classification "discovered an apparent recipe for the manufacture of the drug crystal meth", which prompted "crisis talks with Rockstar" over their inclusion.

It was only after Rockstar informed the BBFC that the recipe was "inaccurate" that it was allowed to stay in the game, and the title could go on sale to the public.


Any of you ever find this? I'd be curious to see what the recipe actually does cook up (if it cooks up anything at all). Brownies, perhaps?

Three men get sole rating power for computer games [The Times]

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Guy missing front teeth sez "What a meth..." ^_^