Wait... Nintendo Was Handing Out Wario Mustaches?

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This weekend, Nintendo held Wario Land: Shake It! competitions at Six Flags near Los Angeles and St. Louis, letting players compete for a "bottomless coin sack" and something something something... hey, why was I not informed that Wario mustaches would be handed out? Was it because of my largely underwhelming review? No matter, we're suckers for marketing (and Wario), something the game definitely gets an A out of 10 for. Strangely enough, James Montagna of Los Angeles, winner of one of those "bottomless coin sacks" also got an all expenses paid trip to the Nintendo World Store in New York. On top of the free mustache, if you can believe that. (If anyone at the park has an extra mustache, even if it was pulled from the trash, please let us know. We have things to trade!)


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10 out of 16? That's not a very good review, and expressing it in hexadecimal will just confuse people.